Platform Evalutation – Character Modelling

For the purposes of creating a character within 3DS max, I first began by watching the tutorial video series that another group member found on YouTube ( This allowed me to create a simple humanoid model without too much difficulty; & also showed my how to perform a few new actions within 3DS Max that I had not previously been using, such as extruding.

After having created a humanoid form, I then exported the model into mudbox, which is useful in that it allows the user to ‘sculpt’ onto the model in much the same way as one would work with a clay model in reality. For the most part I mainly learned within Mudbox via experimentation & by playing around with the controls & settings. After messing around with the various tools & controls, I was eventually able to begin modelling the basic humanoid model in order to add details such as (basic) muscle definition & simple clothing over the model.

One thing I did have trouble with was adding extremely fine detail on to the model, but as the nature of this piece requires on a simple animated character, I didn’t feel the necessity of going to extreme lengths in regards to detail, as this could take time away from other more important tasks, and is an area I can look at improving upon at a later date when not on a deadline.

Once the model was completed to a rough degree I then exported it back into 3DS Max to attempt to create a skeletal structure for it, & begin with the models animation…

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