Group concept

For assignment two; I have joined up with another three students within the class in order to (attempt to) create a level using a variety of different programs (most notably 3DS Max & UDK). The level that we will be creating is an environment, in a fantasy/medieval setting. The area will consist of a small village, surrounded by walls; with mountains viewable in the distance.

The village will feature several small buildings which can not be entered, as well as a main keep, which the player can walk into & wander around. there will be several NPCs in the area (though these will be very basic & won’t likely move around, as this is only a very basic piece) as well as other random items such as vases, barrels, torches, etc. outside there will be rain in terms of weather effects, the idea being that there is a storm going on, & it will be dark as the idea is for it to be late at night.

The level will use a third person fixed camera; & there will be kismet functions in terms of being able to pick up a key in order to use it on a locked door, openable chests, etc. The player character will be a simple character appropriate to the medieval/fantasy setting, with a weapon that will also be fixed with kismet so that the player can swing it around & make attacks with it.


Within the group, my job will be creating the player character model, & creating a few simple weapons, one of which will be the one the player uses. I will also be trying to work out how to create the skeleton for motion, & some simple animations for actions such as walking around, & using the weapon; as well as trying to paint or texture the character model.

The other three group members will create the terrain, the man-made structures & items, as well as their material mapping, & the kismet functions. The idea will be that we all try to follow each others work so that we all learn how each piece of the work has been done & all come away with the same knowledge & skill sets at the end…

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