Essay Research Source: Gender & Racial Stereotypes in Popular Video Games (authors, Yi Mou & Wei Peng)

The main focus of the essay which will be written will be on the gender & racial stereotypes often portrayed & encountered within video games. With video games being an ever expanding area of modern entertainment, more & more people seek to use them as an easy target for placing blame for problems in the world such as violence & many other forms of anti-social behaviour. Therefore there are many reports and research studies being conducted upon games to see what effect they have upon those that play them.

A main point of many areas of interest are therefore the types of gender & racial stereotypes that the games both present & support. Within the piece there are many examples of other studies conducted within the same areas of stereotyping within games, which helps give a broader level of research; followed by an analysis of trailers, introduction sequences & cover pieces for several popular games, which helps highlight the impressions & perceptions that the games can impose onto those that play & see them.

Although the research done is from games of several years ago, the work conducted still helps to show (when compared) what stereotypes games tend to favour in regards to the roles, behaviours & appearances of different genders & races.

The piece also looks at a few stereotypes which have come from games themselves, such as the ‘Lara Phenomenon’ referred to as ‘The appearance of a tough & competent female character in a dominant position’, as well as some other character stereotypes which have been brought into existence through games themselves.

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