Indie Game the Movie…

Ok, so I watched this along with the rest of the group back on Monday for the first time, & then got around to watching again yesterday. I thought my opinion might be slightly different if I watched it a second time, maybe it would give me a different perspective or something like that. Man was I ever wrong though…

No matter how I look at it, it seems to give the viewer the impression that the games industry (at least for indie games producers) is nothing but stress, depression, & (in some cases) the desire to kill either yourself or someone around you … Now I know that this was probably a focus of the people that recorded this for the purpose of ‘dramatic effect’ or some film-making stuff like that, but I’m sorry, I refuse to accept (maybe just out of some form of ignorance-born hope admittedly) that the industry is THAT stressful & basically, bad. I mean, if it was that much hell, why would anyone ever do it?

I found some ideas quite interesting, like trying to make games that captured the best parts of the developers childhood, but these same developers were focusing on making a game based on their own tastes & desires, rather than their audiences & then obsessing over either how big a success the game was, & (in the case of Braid) complaining when buyers didn’t like the game for the same reasons that they did. I would have expected that these people would have realized that in the industry you can’t make a game & expect everyone to pick out every little subtle metaphor & idea that you put into it. I mean, sure I’ll most likely do similar things in what I make; but if someone buys the game, enjoys it, but doesn’t pick up on the ‘deep meaning’ I had hoped they would, am I going to sulk & complain? Hell no! I’ll just try to be quietly grateful that someone bought & enjoyed the game, because as long as people get enjoyment out of it then I consider it a job well done.

I also couldn’t help but notice (particularly in the creators of Super Meat Boy) a degree of contempt for larger games developers & their titles; with one of them saying that if people wanted to play games like Halo & Fallout then that was fine because “They’re shit games & I don’t make shit games”. Now, this is something that for one thing is blatantly pure rubbish. Just because it’s not your game that you made, does not make it a bad game. it has to be said that, regardless of what you think of the evil-soul-crushing-large-corporations(tm), that if as many people play the series such as Halo & Fallout as they do, then there must be something good about them right?

Sadly, some of these people seemed locked into their own closed off world of ‘my-work-good, everything-else-bad which was just disappointing unfortunately; & left me sorely disheartened.

Most likely, I think it is safe to say that when I (hopefully) come to seeking work within the industry I will find myself much more likely to try & join one of the makers of such”shit” games as Halo or Fallout, because I personally think they’re great. & if I do end up making some side scroller that looks like it came out of Flash? Well then I’ll make it the way I want, but still look at what a perspective audience is after, & then not complain if it’s a success ‘but-not-why-I-wanted-it-to-be’.

The games industry is an enormous & ever-growing industry, & sadly the message I got from IGtM was not an encouraging one. I personally intend to do everything in my power to create (& help to create) games that above all else will be enjoyed by those who buy them, & try not to become a wolverine over the course of the games production, which seemed to happen to nearly everyone in the movie …

… do have to say that Fez looked quite good though, may have to get it at some point …

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