Doug Church, A Brief Introduction

Recently I was given the task of finding out as much as I could about a particular name within video games design, and then writing up a piece on them. The idea was to find out as much about their origins, training and experience, games they had worked on, particular styles and influences; that sort of thing.Then to look at their styles and techniques and such and see if any of it would be relevant to myself, or even to look at some that I felt wouldn’t.

For this task I was presented with the designer, Doug Church. Currently working as a games designer for Valve, Church has worked on many well known games series, most notably Portal, Tomb Raider, and Deus Ex. Though I must confess none of the games he has helped to create have been ones I have ever played myself or had much interest in (at least to date anyway), I am still able to recognise that he has worked on some popular and very successful titles, perhaps the most notable in recent years being Portal 2.

Doug Church was born in Evanston, Illinois, America, on November the 16th 1968 & has been involved within the games design industry for much of its (successful) lifetime. He originally attended MIT in America, but left before the end of the decade to work at Looking Glass Stiudios, back in the days of mainly MS-DOS based gaming. there Doug was heavily involved with the design and creation of Ultima Underworld one and two, System Shock, and the original Thief game.

Several years later Church joined Eidos Interactive in the position of Technical Director, lending his design and programming knowledge and experience to many of their games, including Tomb Raider: Legend. He later  left Eidos in 2005 to sign on with Electronic Arts, where he spent the next four years working at EAs Los Angeles officee under the supervision of filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

In 2011 Church went on to join Valve where he worked on the extremely popular Portal 2.

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